What is this crazy nonsense my team is saying in voice chat? Check here for a KQB -> English guide of common call outs and terminology.

Term Definition Example Usage
All Mil When all three workers go military. Can also be referred to as "full" or "full up." See also: Stingers Out. "They're going all mil." "Let's go all mil."
Bait Doing something to draw the enemy's attack (often used by riding snail to draw in the Queen). "I'm bait."
Bump A player uses their body to make contact with an opponent to push them away forcibly, sometimes pushing them away from a gate or into an attacking warrior.
Clear / Clearing When you need help killing an opponent who is ledging, or are taking on the task yourself. The term clear could be used with other objects, such as cleared left gate or cleared snail etc. "I need a clear." "I'm clearing."
Copy Understood. See also: Heard.
Escort When Mil or Queen protect another player. Most often used to describe supporting an objective worker by clearing enemies out of the hive (for economic victory) or supporting a snail rider ("Snail Escort"). "I need an escort" or "I'm going to escort snail"
Famine A game has reached "famine" when there are no longer any berries available on a map. This scenario eliminates the viability of economic victory, and drones can no longer upgrade in gates. "That famine on Pod lasted 12 minutes!"
Far Gate Relative to your team's hive, this is gate that is furthest away. "I'm wrapping to far gate."
Farm / Farming The act of killing drones repeatedly. "The Queen is farming me."
Flex (v.) The act of changing from one role to another in game, most often used to describe a worker running an objective changes to a military position. "I'm going to flex to mil"
Flex (n.) A player who is comfortable flexing between objective and warrior roles. "She's a great Flex player."
Flood When a worker gathers several berries and tries to push them into holes with their bodies, or to get several berries near the hive to easily toss in.
Greedy Getting speed or shield upgrades before mil upgrades. See also: Stack. "I'm getting greedy."
Heard Understood. See also: Copy.
iframing The act of killing another player after they respwan and have lost invincibility frames (iframes).
I'm Out / Come Out When you have successfully completed a military upgrade. See also: I'm Up. "I'm looking to come out right (gate)."
I’m Up When you have successfully completed a military upgrade. See also: I'm Out. Can be extremely helpful to use this term to describe how many are up, or call out a teammate by name to tell them they are the last up and be cautious. ""I'm up." "I'm up sword." "I'm up mace." "We are two up." "You're last up!"
I'm Going ____ State the intended location and upgrade type in order to avoid a rush of multiple workers to the same gate location and/or upgrade type and split the queen’s attention. "I'm going left gate." "I'm going laser."
Lockout When one team controls all gates and prevents the other team from getting upgrades.
Near Gate Relative to your team's hive, this is gate that is closest. "I'm getting up at near gate."
On Last Used to indicate own Queen or enemy Queen has died twice and the match will end on the next kill. May indicate need for worker(s) to upgrade to military to defend own Queen or help achieve the final kill of enemy Queen for a Military victory. If own team is near Economic or Snail victory, workers can say “Stay Safe” or “Stay Alive” to indicate Queen only needs to play conservatively for a short time to allow for other objective victory conditions to be met. "I'm on last." (Said by your team's Queen) "Queens on last" (Refers to enemy queen)
Ledge, Ledging, Ledge Guard Guarding an enemy hive to defend against economic victory. Best executed with a weapon, but can be done with a shield or no upgrade at all. Prevent berries from scoring, kill enemies in or near hive, and push loose berries away from enemy hive and toward own hive. "I'm ledging."
Ledge Down / Ledge Up Refers to the state of a ledge guard. "Our ledge is down." (Your teams ledge of their hive) "Their ledge is down." (Enemy team's ledge of your hive)
Offensive Ledge Warrior or Queen maneuver to clear enemies from and defend own hive, in order to support economic victory. Should be called out when a worker running berries is nearing economic victory but needs help clearing enemy ledge guard(s).
Pinch When a warrior or queen is trapped and killed by enemies coming from opposite directions. "Let's go for a pinch."
Sac / Sacrifice / Feeding When a worker purposefully throws him/herself in front of the snail in order to stop the snail’s progress and serve as a tasty snail snack. Often done when snail is close to enemy goal. A sacrificed worker can be instantly revived if the enemy snail rider is killed by a teammate within a few seconds. "I'm saccing." "I'm sacrificing." "I'm feeding."
Split Objective When a team works on advancing both economic and snail objectives, splitting the enemy's attention.
Stack (n.) When four players team up in game, they are referred to as a Stack. "I ran into a stack in solo queue."
Stack (v.) The act of getting multiple upgrades. Also popularly referred to as "getting greedy." See also: Greed.
Stingers Out Popular term for when a team is all military. See also All Mil.
Sword & Board Popular term for a warrior with sword and shield upgrades. "Watch out for the sword and board!"
Threeco When all three workers go economy.
Traphouse Popular term for the area at the bottom of the Spire map where it is easy to get trapped and killed. "Queen's in the traphouse!"
Tunnel Any area on the map with low overhead clearance. "Snail is through the tunnel."
Wiped When a team has no military up, usually due to recent kills. "We're wiped." "They're wiped."
Wrap Area at the edges of the screen (either vertically or horizontally) where a player can cross through and appear on the other side. "Queen is coming through the wrap."

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