Killer Queen Black supports in-game voice chat natively. You do not need the Nintendo Mobile App to use voice chat, and it is not supported or possible to do so.

Alternately, if you are the Killer Queen Black Discord server, and are teaming up, you can use a voice channel instead.

Voice Chat Options

To access voice chat options:

  1. From the main screen go to options -> voicechat
  2. Connect to voice chat: Enable or disable voice chat completely
  3. Push to talk: Enabling this requires you to press a button (usually R2 on gamepad) to speak. Push to talk is enabled by default (at least on Nintendo Switch).
  4. Show in-game speaker overlay: An indicator on left side of screen showing who is talking/can hear voice chat.
  5. Chat volume: How loud voice chat will be
    Note that teams tend disable push to talk, leaving the channel open at all times.

Voice Chat: Betelgeuse Update of July 2020

Improved voice chat in Custom Match to allow players to separate out voice as follows:

  • Match Chat: All players in a match can chat in both game and lobby.
  • Team Chat: Chat is limited to teams during the game, but all players in the lobby.

Muting Players

To mute one or more members of your team, press start/+ (Switch) or escape (PC) to pull up a player listing where this is possible.

Nintendo Switch Related

Wired Headsets

The simplest approach is to simply plug in an earbud & mic with a 3 ring trrs connector into the headphot jack of your Switch. This works even in docked mode, if you have a long enough cable!

Bluetooth Headsets

Certain bluetooth headsets now work with the Nintendo Switch. Here is a full list of known Switch-compatible bluetooth headsets.

Testing Mic Levels Before Entering Play

Unfortunately this is not possible to do currently within Killer Queen Black on the Nintendo Switch.

source @Viotech3#8512 on Discord

Out of Game Discord Voice Chat

If you are teaming up with a group of other players, and therefore won't need to communicate with any "random" teammates through the game itself, many people prefer using Discord's built in voice chat channels.

First, join the Killer Queen Black Discord server, then look in the channel listing in the left-hand sidebar. Under the GENERAL-VOICE-CHANNELS you can see which channels are in use, and which are free.

Agree on one and hop in it with your teammates. You are now up on voice chat.

This works for players on Nintendo Switch as well as PC, simply use the Discord Mobile App and plug in any headphones w/ mic into your phone.