Cross Play vs. Cross Party

Cross-play means playing with and against players from different platforms. Cross-party means intentionally teaming up with players and joining a party from different platforms.

Killer Queen Black is now both cross-play and cross-party.

Partying Up With Remote Players

[needs writing]

Friend System & LiquidID

Killer Queen Black features an internal friend system, based on your LiquidID.

Watch Video on Friend System

Adding Local Players

On Nintendo Switch:

  • Press plus or minus

On PC:

  • [need command]

Mixed Teams of Local and Online Players

Mixed teams constructed partially of local players, and online remote players is allowed.

When a primary player is invited to a party, all of their secondary players will be included in the party as well.

Voice Chat

See voice chat for details of in-game and out-of-game voice comms.