Here is a list of known updates at the time of this writing. The most reliable source of updates is to join the Killer Queen Black Discord server and check the #release-notes channel.

You can also check the Killer Queen Black Trello board or Roadmap for updates that may be coming out soon.

7/14/2020 (Betelgeuse 1.62) Update

Betelgeuse 1.62 Release Notes

  • Enhanced Party Features
  • Adding a second controller locally while in a remote party will now add that player to the party.
  • Local play now allows you to add controllers/players everywhere, not just on the title screen.
  • When in a Quick Play or a Ranked Match, players can now see who is in a party together.
  • Players can now see the status of their friends’ parties and join from the Friend List.
  • Players in a party can now receive invites to other parties.
  • Added a Party Widget on the main menu to easily access party members, online friends, and privacy.
  • Recently played shows the last 25 players you played against.
  • Custom Match Enhancements
  • Modified Custom Match UI to improve match setup experience.
  • Players no longer have to be in a party to join a Custom Match.
  • Players can now back out of Custom Match “Meet Thy Family” and return to the lobby.
  • Inactivity timeout on Custom Match has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • Custom Match now has multiple ways people can join:
  • Create a code that allows any player to join.
  • Set the Match Privacy settings to “Friends” to allow players to join straight from the friend list.
  • Improved voice chat in Custom Match to allow players to separate out voice as follows:
  • Match Chat: All players in a match can chat in both game and lobby.
  • Team Chat: Chat is limited to teams during the game, but all players in the lobby.
  • Parties now have multiple privacy settings enabling players to join together by:
  • Invite Only: Players can only join your party via an invitation.
  • Friends: Friends can join your party without an invitation.
  • Friends of Friends: Friends of friends can join your party without an invitation.
  • Gameplay Enhancements
  • Added a new map: “The Nesting Flats”
  • Changes to The Helix Temple
  • Top gates have been moved further apart.
  • Top berries take slightly longer to reach.
  • The central berry pile is harder to deplete quickly.
  • Added a new special win condition frame.
  • Winning teams can now clap as well as dance in Post Match.
  • Speed upgrade now affects vertical momentum for soldiers.
  • Worker jump now has more variable upwards velocity based on button press length.
  • Berry throws slightly more powerful.
  • In-Game chat widget now separated by team side.
  • New intro animations for players on the “Meet Thy Family” screen.
  • New VFX added to gameplay.
  • Various other UI and UX improvements including Friend List and Leader Board performance enhancements.
  • Berry throw-ins are now calculated in the following ways:
  • Count it as +1 berry for the worker who threw it in the hive, in the following situations:
  • It does not touch anything before going in.
  • It bounces off a wall and/or ceiling first, but no other player.
  • It skids along the floor before falling into a berry hole without touching another player.
  • It bounces off an enemy player first.
  • It bounces off another berry bouncing around the hive.
  • Count it as a +1 for the last player to touch the berry in the following situations:
  • Berry was thrown by a worker and it hits their teammate before going into a hole.
  • Any player (queen, soldier, or worker carrying a berry) touches a berry and it flies into a hole in the hive. Could be with their body or with their weapon (ie mace).
  • A berry is pushed into a hole by another berry that was touched by a player.
  • PC Only Updates
  • A player name sanitizer has been added.
  • Added Steam Achievements.
  • The game will now auto-log you in if you are disconnected.

2/20/2020 (Hydra 1.61) Update

Hydra 1.61 Release Notes

  • Fixes the issue where adding more than four Xbox controllers were not allowed
  • Fixes a bug where Steam profiles were appearing on Switch
  • Fixes a clipping issue on The Spire
  • Fixes an issue where Steam usernames would go unfiltered on Switch
  • Fixes an issue where a sacrificed worker could spawn in an incorrect location after the rider was killed
  • Fixes an issue where soldiers could collide with the snail
  • Fixes an issue where the penalty timer for disconnects during ranked play would not show up
  • Fixes an issue where you could not back out of role select
  • Fixes the issue where having many friends causes some not to show up
  • Fixes an issue where uneven teams in Ranked still lose points
  • Change the color of latency indicators to better match the severity of latency
  • Fixes the issue where thrown berries into the enemy hive would count towards your berry stats
  • Fixes the issue where a profile picture may appear all white

1/21/2020 (Hydra) Update

Hydra 1.6 Release Notes

  • Eight player local support for PC and console
  • Region selection now available on Switch
  • Custom (online) and local matches can now be started by a single player
  • Fill with bots added for local and custom matches
  • Players can now shuffle teams automatically in local and custom matches
  • Streamer mode: Choose which names to display in-game and in menus
  • Map pools now skew towards more variety and fewer repeats
  • Many bug fixes and UI improvements

11/22/2019 (Gemini) Update

Video Summary of New Friend System

Cross-platform party support

  • LiquidID - Each player, regardless of platform, will now have a unique ID
  • Friend invites/inbox
  • Game and controller performance improvements [Switch]
  • Remove idle timeout in local wireless
  • Voice chat UI now enabled in custom match lobby
  • Reduce AFK timeout 60s -> 30s
  • Network connectivity and latency improvements
  • Settles ties between queen assignment based on MMR (only in ranked)
  • Various small bug fixes and UI improvements

Map changes

Tally Fields:

  • Added space between the start hive zones
  • Moved two berry piles from the top to under the hives
  • Moved center berry pile to the underside of the center platform

Helix Temple:

  • Moved two berry piles from the top of the map to the bottom of the snail platform near the center gate Spire:
  • Changed top gate to Morning Star/Sheild from Speed/Shield
  • Changed bottom gates to Sword/Speed from Sword/Morning Star


  • Random hive exits removed, now you only exit from the hive you entered unless it is full

10/25/2019 Update

Most of these updates are for switch, but in order for everybody to play on the same servers, PC updates are required.

Updates (read: Fixes): - Controller configurations will persist on switch - "Show Names" works on switch - Local Wireless works w/o Nintendo Online subscription / Don't need to do that weird hack to make it work w/o Nintendo Online - Switch now won't spam "ready up" sounds during character select - Local Wireless will only show KQB rooms, not others

source @Adam Liquid Bit#4392 on Discord