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Killer Queen Black is an intense multiplayer action/strategy platformer for up to eight players. Hop on the snail, hoard berries, or wipe out the enemy’s queen to claim victory.

If you're new to the game, this wiki should answer any questions you might have, and get you playing online ASAP. If you've played a bit and want to take your knowledge of the game a bit further, we'll have you covered there too.

### Join The Discord 
First things first though, the fulcrum of the Killer Queen Black (KQB) community is its <a href="https://kqbdiscord.com"><img src="/media/wiki/images/1/7db3bcd26ed14781904a2b5f51b010a1/discord_icon.png" style="display: inline; width:30px; border:none;"></a>[Discord Chat Server](https://kqbdiscord.com). It's the single best way to get any question answered not covered here, find teammates to match up with, learn the latest news, and more.

Seriously, <a href="https://kqbdiscord.com"><img src="/media/wiki/images/1/7db3bcd26ed14781904a2b5f51b010a1/discord_icon.png" style="display: inline; width:30px; border:none;"></a>[join the discord](https://kqbdiscord.com)!

# Getting Started

## Purchasing 

The first thing you need to do is buy the doggone game. It's currently available for **Nintendo Switch** (eShop, physical cartridge) and **PC/Mac** (Steam, Discord).

See the [Releases](wiki:/releases) page for more information on where to buy Killer Queen Black. Also drop by the [Purchasing](wiki:/releases/purchasing) page to check if there are currently and sales going on.

## The Basics 

Next, watch this **getting started video** to learn the gameplay basics:

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOP9lZ6ecbY"><img src="https://killerqueenblack.wiki/media/wiki/images/1/460d1874311c47abada536544e0254dc/tutorial_image.png" style="width: 95%;max-width: 600px;"></a>

Or if you feel like going a bit deeper, start browsing the [Gameplay](wiki:/gameplay) section of the wiki.

## Now Play

It's time to jump into your first game. You probably want to try out [Mode: Quick Play](wiki:/play-modes/online-play/quick-play) first. You can read about the [different play modes here](wiki:/play-modes).

## Browse the Wiki
Finally, you can always find a full list of all wiki pages below. Or, use the page browser navbar button at the top to drill down, page by page.

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