These Pages Need Work

At this point, pretty much all pages could use work (even this one!). But, here are some good starting points:

  • Getting Started
    • Would be great if we had a comprehensive page we could point new players to. Should serve as an initial orientation to gameplay basics, play options, and a jumping off point to further details.
  • Minimum Viable Strategy
    • What is the most basic strategy a new player should know to be a good teammate? Not overwhelming, just enough to help cut down some learning curve/not frustrate more experienced players.
  • Gameplay
    • All pages under the Gameplay heading could use help, especially with images, but also with more detail.
  • Feature Requests
    • A list of commonly requested features folks can consult/know the discussion around, before making dupe requests.
  • Bugs
    • A list of known bugs folks can consult/know the discussion around, before making dupe reports.

These Parts of the Wiki Need Fixing

  • Youtube Embeds, can't embed videos right now without letting all iframe tags in (which is pretty much putting up a "please hack me sign)
  • Link to another wiki page sidebar widget is case sensitive, annoying.
  • Design, consider iterating on the current design to make it look more on-brand-ish, while maintaining readability of text heavy content.