This page outlines some useful drills to work on with your team to improve your skills and teamwork. Get Better Together!

# Team Drills With Queen

## General

#### Horde Mode (1v3) (Any Map)

Queen vs. 3 drones. The Drones are trying to win in any way possible, and the Queen is trying to last as long as possible. The queen has to hunt workers, block berry shots, and stop snail all at the same time
Queens should focus on:

- Movement. Be moving around from objective to objective efficiently.
- Awareness. Don't get pulled away too long by a particularly annoying worker so that the other ones can do an objective that is waiting on you not being there. 
- Efficient kills. Try to anticipate individual workers' movements and don't overcommit to attacks, as it can waste time if you miss. Work on your technique to get close and more often guarantee kills. 
- Sweeping grounded stray away from the hive with slide dashes

Drones should focus on:
- Juking the Queen with jumps, tricky movement and strange pathing -- try to spread her thin!
- Flexing -- push whatever objective the queen isn't watching
- Berry passing and staging (unloading piles towards your hive for someone else to throw in)
- Efficient berry throws

## Military

#### Mace pinch (1v2) (Tally Fields)

Queen vs 2 maces -- Queen needs to kill the maces. 
Queen should focus on:

- Safely engaging the maces: Time them out, dive on top of them then dash at them, etc.

Maces should focus on:
- Running away when the queen approaches them (in a real game it's often better to stay alive than to die and let berries in)

#### Mace Ledge-Clear (1v2) (Helix)

Queen vs 2 maces, maces go into opposite hives, queen takes turns going after each mace
Queen should focus on timing out the mace and exploiting bad positioning
Maces should focus on map awareness and knowing when and how to escape the hive to survive.

#### Speed Sword'N'Board Survival (1v3) (Split Juniper)
Queen vs 3 speed shield swords. 
Queen should focus on:

- Picking off isolated warriors
- Dealing with shields (dash up into legs, or dive down on top)

Warriors should focus on:

- Setting up pinches (come at the queen from multiple directions so she can't clash without dying to someone else, and can't escape)
- Hemming the Queen in by denying movement

#### Mace+Queen teaming (2v2) (Tally)
Mace and Queen (Team 1) vs 2 Maces (Team 2)
Team 1 should focus on having the mace clash with the opponent, and the queen punishing the opposing mace.
Team 2 should prevent this strategy by having the maces stay safe and protect each other

#### Drone+Queen Berry Stuns (2v2) (Tally)
Drone and Queen (Team 1) vs 2 Maces (Team 2)
Team 1 goes for berry stuns -- Drone calls out the timing and makes the throw, then the queen goes for the kill.

#### Gun+Queen teaming (2v2) (Tally)
Gun and Queen (Team 1) vs 2 Maces (Team 2)
Team 1 should focus on:

- Pincering a single mace
- Gun looks to stun the mace with a shot before the queen goes in for a kill
- Gun can position behind the queen to shoot through them

# Team Drills Without Queen

## Military

#### Dueling (1v1) (Any Map)

Both players go mil and establish some boundaries so the entire map can't be used.
Focus on winning the 1v1 by practicing footsies

#### Guns vs Maces (2v2) (Tally)
2 Guns (Team 1) vs 2 Maces (Team 2)
Team 1 should focus on:

- Double-teaming a mace. One gun stuns, the second kills.
- Staying alive on reload

Team 2 should focus on:

- Punishing guns on reload
- Vertically avoiding the gunshots

#### Maces vs Maces (2v2) (tally)

Maces are trying to double-team isolated opponents (clash then kill). 

## Econ 

#### Berry Drills (any number) (any map)

Practice Berry passes, alley-oops and throws. See the Berry page for more!

#### Ledging Drills (1v3) (Helix)
1 Sword vs 2 drones. Drones try to win by only running berries, while the sword lasts as long as possible
Sword should focus on:

- Learning how far they can leave the hive to kill a drone
- When to push berries away and when to kill

Drones should focus on:

- Difficult-to-block berry throws
- Distracting the sword and spreading them thin to leave the hive open
- Berry stunning the sword to get some berries in