One way to up your level of play is to analyze past matches. See below for videos of high-level games and streams. Some video include commentator voice over, while others may simply include team voice chat.

Tutorial videos and walkthroughs

Killer Queen Flight School Office Hours with Penguin, Woody & Arguas

Matches with Commentary

High Level Gameplay - December 2019

Commentary Highlights:

  • Discussion of best objective for each map
  • Effect of early queen kills
  • Effective ledge guard
  • Every map is a snail map?

Commentary by cwal and daddy.

Matches with Team Voice Chat

High ranked Queen, Warrior and Worker gameplay


Peanutphobia, coombzy, Goodgamesjames, and terkoiz69 + Pavankat.

Coaching Sessions

Yeesh coaching Sypha, analyzing an IGL Quarters match

VOD here