Ranked Play is a Play Mode that allows you to climb up the global leaderboard of players based on how many points you collect. Points are scored on victory in ranked play matches.

The Ranked Play queue is cross-platform.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

All ranked players have a matchmaking rating, MMR, which determines their skill level. You earn more MMR points as you win more victories.

Every player has an invisible variable, called Certainty, which is basically how certain the game is of your ranking. This will go up every time you play a ranked game, regardless of the result, and affects your MMR gain/loss.

The amount of MMR you gain or lose is based on your MMR vs. that of your opponents' team, and the higher your certainty is, the less your MMR will change in a single game. Not basing this on stats was an intentional design choice.

Losses are capped at 10 MMR currently.

The Five Ranks

The ranking tiers loosely follows the Elo Rating System developed for chess.

Each rank has a corresponding medal that will appear next to your player game in matches.

1. Bronze

Less than 1600 MMR

2. Silver

1600-1799 MMR

3. Gold

1800-1999 MMR

4. Platinum

2000-2199 MMR

5. Obsidian

2200+ MMR

The Black Team is not part of the ranking system.

Falling Below Your Rank

If you fall below your ranking level, for instance if you are silver but your ranking MMR falls to 1590, you do not lose your silver rank. Ranking levels can never be lost.

source @Ene#0666 on Discord

Peak Time For Ranked Play

Ranked Play matches can be more difficult to find during off-peak hours, because of the requirements of: fair matchmaking, no bots, and no drop-ins.

Typically ranked play kicks into high-gear 7PM PST.

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Plans for Seasons

There are no immediate plans for seasons in-game.

League Play

The 2020 Season of the Indy Gaming League is live and runs through mid-March (end of playoffs).

See the standings for the league here.

source @Brice#6819 on Discord

Plans for Separate Ranking or Queue for Solo vs. Team Play

There are no plans for this at this time.

source @Ene#0666 on Discord

Linked Accounts

An often requested feature is to link accounts cross-platform, for instance to play the same account between PC and Nintendo Switch.

This is not a planned feature to our knowledge.