Cooldowns are the time from which an action has been executed, that it becomes one again available.

All cooldowns are measured from the frame the attack animation ends to the frame an attack is once again available, and decimals are rounded to keep things clean. However, some of these may be changed or otherwise inaccurate.

Warrior & Queen Attack Cooldowns

Action Seconds
Sword 0.4
Sword with speed 0.3
Mace 0.6
Mace with speed 0.5
Gun 4
Gun with speed 2.8
Queen Dash 0.3
Queen Dive 0

Note on Queen's dive: it has no cooldown, but when doing a dash-dive-dash chain, the frame the dive is initiated is considered the end of the dash, and the 0.3 cooldown will go into effect until you can execute the second dash

Worker Cooldowns

Action Seconds
Shield 2
Shield with speed 1.6
Berry Throw 1
Snail Eating 4.6
Snail Eating with speed 3.3

source @drainy#1038 on Discord


  • Respawn Speed : 3.2 sec
  • Gate Time : 2.5 sec

source @drainy#1038 on Discord