Bots are AI players that can help fill out a Quick Play, Custom, or Local Wireless match. They will never throw berries, but otherwise are capable of participating in all objectives.

List of All Bot Names

  • AD-AM
  • AH-MED
  • Al
  • BitBOT
  • Bob
  • BOTaBoom
  • Brice-BOT
  • Chris-BOT
  • hyBOTenuse
  • Ian-AI
  • Ika-BOT
  • Josh-BOT
  • Killer Queen Blake
  • Matt-BOT
  • Mike-BOT
  • Nik-BOT
  • PeanutBOTter
  • SmuvAsBOTter
  • SweetBOT
  • UCanCallMeA

Some Notes About Names

  • All bots will have a bot icon next to their name in place of their ranking icon.
  • A few players will name themselves in the same style as the bots; this can be detected by simply looking for said icon.
  • Bots that are named after humans (for example Mike-BOT) are references to people who played a significant role in Killer Queen Black's development.