KQB Wiki changelog
For substantive changes to the wiki, please add high-level summaries here!

Tenth -- Split Advanced Gameplay Tips section into a Queen Guide and Drone guide section under a new section, "Advanced Role Guides". Added a section on movement drills + a gif of a Nesting Flats drill.
Created new "Get Better" Section of splash page with links to new Drone+Queen guides, general strategy guide, and map-specific tech guides.

Tenth -- Added Sword, Gun and Staying Alive sections to Drone Guide. Added image links to the Getting Better section of the homepage

Tenth -- Complete overhaul of Queen guide -- restructured and added tips from Discord (did not remove any info)

Tenth -- Added "Queen Efficiency" Bee Drill from Arguas

Tenth -- Added visual links for maps directly from the homepage, revamped the queen guides for Helix, BQK and Tally. Map changes summary: Added visual guide to top of page, added objective ratings from visual guide, added LordFischious's video guide, cleaned up stub sections (will return them later once we have an idea of the skeletal structure of these pages and want the community to fill in).

Tenth -- Changed "Strategy" to "Basic Strategy", added section on callouts, made text more concise.
Tenth -- Added to Queen (Killing things) and Drone (Mace, Sword, staying alive as Drone) based on Kat's personally-compiled notes