The Queen is the highest responsibility role. The choices you make will have a big impact on what your teammates can and can't do – and if you die three times, it’s game over. Don’t take risks, let your workers win the objectives, and do what you can to disrupt the opponent’s formation!


Here are the most important objectives of a Queen:

Don’t die (no, really)

Killing you is one of the game's objectives, so you need to stay safe. That doesn't mean cower in the hive, but it does mean not taking dangerous chances needlessly. Especially as a new queen, your priority should be staying alive and letting your workers win an objective.

  • Don’t take risks! Especially if you’re down a life, let your warriors win the hard fights. Fly around, pick off drones and vulnerable warriors, but try not to put yourself in dangerous spots.
  • Don’t chase the enemy queen around the map! You end up more likely to die, and your workers will lose without your support.
  • Don’t attack groups! Aim to pick off single enemy warriors, and avoid being surrounded.

Tag Gates

Workers can only enter a gate that’s your color. Keeping “Gate Control” (making sure that enough gates are your color that your workers can use them, and your opponents can’t) is very important as a queen.

  • Toe-tagging: If even one part of your body touches a gate, it turns to your color. Try to touch the gate with just the tip of your body by diving into it and immediately dashing away. This helps maintain gate control when the opposing military is trying to hunt you or guard gates.
  • Gate-Guarding: If necessary, hang around gates for long enough that one of your drones can enter.
  • Call-outs: Announce the gates you’re going to tag! If the opposing team is keeping an eye out, it’s really hard for a drone to get to a gate without dying or the other queen re-tagging it. If you can tell your team which gate you’re going to tag in advance, workers can get to the gate right as you tag it, making the process safe and efficient.

Disrupt the enemy.

As a Queen, the easiest way to contribute to the team without putting yourself at risk is to kill enemy drones and prevent them from reaching their objective (whether that’s hopping on the snail, getting berries or entering gates).

  • Learn when drones lose their invincibility once they’ve left the hive, and sweep through them to cost the opponents time.
  • Notice when an enemy drone is trying to enter a gate and deny them the opportunity by killing them or tagging gates.


Movement is key to fulfilling your objectives as queen: the more efficiently you can move through the map, the easier it is to survive, disrupt the opponents and keep your military afloat.
Stay flying as much as possible – being on the ground is a liability: you can’t escape vertically as well, can’t dive, and move much slower.

  • Pathing – try to plan out your routes to get from one location in the map to another, disrupting the enemy as much as possible along the way.
  • When aiming to kill an opponent, tag a gate, reposition, etc., have an exit strategy (know where you’re going to go immediately after making the kill)

Movement Techniques:


  • This technique refers to diving down beside a horizontal ledge, then releasing the dive and executing a rising dash slightly above and to the side of the ledge.
  • When executed properly you will hug the ceiling you drop down, allowing you to have an advantage (this is sometimes referred to as an "L Dive".
  • Notable uses: Scraping to get a queen who's guarding an objective or gate, gaining ground in chase sequences, catching warriors and queens hugging the ceiling.

Slide Dashing

  • If you’re diving towards a platform, dashing at the last second will cause you to slide across the platform rather than hit it and start walking around. This helps you quickly navigate platforms, pick off workers, and stay moving rather than getting caught stationary.

Awareness and Positioning

  • Know where the other queen is. They shouldn’t be above you, unless there’s a platform between you two.
  • Don't Get Trapped: Stay away from the bottom of the map (easy dives for the other queen) or from enclosed areas (easy traps for enemy workers)
  • Beware the wrap: Enemy workers and queens will hang around the edges of the screen to prey on unsuspecting queens. Pay attention to the other side when you’re wrapping around.

The Journey to Self-Improvement

Getting better as a queen is hard! It can be intimidating being new and trying to improve without costing your team the game. Here are some ways to level up your gameplay:

  • Play the game! Try to team up with 3 others on mic so you can practice communication and running specific strategies. "Try out" different queen roles (killing workers, being aggressive, playing conservatively) to figure out where your strengths lie.
  • Watch matches! The Almanac contains videos of top Queens in action. Watch how they move and try to implement their techniques into your own playstyle.
  • Try to record yourself, if you can, and watch how the enemy team and queen react to YOUR specific gameplay. This can help you identify your own improvement areas.

Bee Drills:


Go into custom matches against a full team of drone bots (with or without a queen) and try your best to kill them before they can do anything.

Movement: Here are a few ways to practice movement:

  • Helix: practice a continuous dive/dash down along the center of the map.

  • Nesting flats:

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Efficiency Drills:

As Queen, enter a custom match with three human players. Have them attempt to win in any way possible. Your goal is to hunt individual workers, block berry shots, stop snail movements, all at the same time. If you can last over 3 minutes, you are being very effective and efficient with your engagements. During this exercise, some things to focus on: - Movement. Be moving around from objective to objective efficiently. - Awareness. Don't get pulled away too long by a particularly annoying worker so that the other ones can do an objective that is waiting on you not being there. - Efficient kills. Try to anticipate individual workers' movements and don't overcommit to attacks, as it can waste time if you miss. Work on your technique to get close and more often guarantee kills.