You've played a few matches in Quick Play, and now you'd like to dip into Ranked Play. Or you just want to take your play up a level. Great, read on!

A Disclaimer On Strategy

Strategy in Killer Queen Black is not only highly situational within a match, but also shifts depending on the kind of players you are playing against.

The strategy here, particularly with respect to economic and snail victory conditions, is really geared towards beginner and intermediate level players. As your skill and your opponent's skill increases, you will find that different tactics are needed.

Playing Queen

The Queen is the highest responsibility role. The choices you make will have a big impact on what your teammates can and can't do. Not to mention, you yourself are now one of the three objectives.

Don't Die (Really)

Now that killing you is one of the game's objectives, you need to stay safe. That doesn't mean cower in the hive, but it does mean not taking dangerous chances needlessly.

So, how to not die?

  • Never walk.
  • Ceiling? Good. Ground? Bad!
  • Keep on the move.
Don't Get Trapped
  • Stay away from the bottom of the map, where the enemy queen can easily dive on you.
  • Stay away from enclosed areas where you can be trapped from the sides.
Beware The Wrap
  • Be careful of the horizontal and vertical wraps.
  • Enemies will come to attack you through these wraps when you are not looking.
Don't Attack Groups
  • Attack warriors when they are isolated.
  • Don't get in the middle of a group.
Punish the Counter Attack
  • If your attack fails, back off and wait for your enemy to counter-attack, then punish the counter attack.
  • Don't spam attacks.
  • Dive attack > dash attack.
  • Dive tends to expose less of your hitbox, and you are less likely to clash on attack.
Stay Alive On Last
  • Multiply all this times 10 when you are on your last life.
  • When you are on last, the enemy will likely come after you even harder.
  • Patience can win matches.

Care For Your Warriors

Arguably the queen's most important job is to make sure your team's workers can upgrade to warriors. This means two things:

  1. Tag gates
  2. Guard a gate your worker is trying to upgrade at

Take care of your workers, so they can take care of things for you.

Pick On Enemy Workers and Warriors

In terms of offense, your focus should be first killing enemy workers before they have a chance to warrior up (watch those gates), or when safe, kill warriors you weren't able to stop from upgrading.

Also, tagging gates isn't just about getting your own warriors up. It's equally important to tag gates to prevent enemy workers from upgrading to warrior.

Don't Chase The Queen Around The Map

This is related to all the above points. If you spend the whole match just chasing the enemy queen around, you're more likely to die, you won't have time to tend to your workers, nor pick on the enemy team's workers.

Playing Worker

Workers have two distinct roles: vanilla worker, or warrior (aka soldier aka military aka "mil").

There's three of you, and you need to decide whose going to be taking on which worker roles, and which objective you will be pushing.

This is where Voice Chat is critical and the start of the match. Use voice chat to decide who is going warrior, what kind of warrior, and if you are going berries or snail to start.

Alternately, use Alerts and Emotes and pray your teammates get the message.

Running Berries

Broadly speaking, Berries are the strongest objective to push. Don't underestimate them.

Throwing Berries

Learn to throw berries into the hive, rather than just running them in.

Throwing berries save you:

  • From having running into/out of the hive
  • Animation time of crawling into/out of hole in the hive

There are two kind of berry throws:

  1. Standing throws
    • Some maps are set up that a few holes you can stand on a nearby platform and throw a berry right in with no momentum.
  2. Jump shots
    • Most throws will require you to build up speed and use your momentum to transfer that energy to the berry toss. Your jump angle determines the direction the berry will go on.

Try going into one of the game's tutorial levels, and practice your berry throw tech there.

Note: Berry throws can be risky on some maps, as you could throw a berry into the enemy hive.

Stay Alive With Cooldowns

As a worker, you are extremely vulnerable. But you do have a secret defensive weapon to staying alive, Cooldowns.

Worker cooldowns in this context are temporary invincibility frames (iframes) after taking an action.

The cooldowns are:

  • Berry Throw
    • Every time you throw a berry, you have 1 second [needs confirmation, might have been nerfed] of iframes before you can be killed, or pick up another berry.
  • Crawling in/out of a hole
    • If an enemy is in your base, it usually safest to jump in the hole with your berry, rather than throw it in.
    • After you exit the hole you will have [unknown time needs research] a short window of iframes allowing you to leave the hive safely.
    • Important: As soon as you pick up a berry, your iframes immediately end. That means if you pop out of the hive and grab an in-hive berry, you are now completely killable.
  • Berry Stuns
    • Throwing a berry at an enemy when they are coming at you will send them into a very short period of ministun iframes.
    • They won't be able to kill you during this time, so use berries strategically to evade attack.

Pushing Snail

Warrioring Up